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One of a Kind Hookah Bowls

STONE HOOKAH BOWLS was born in 2015 out of a desire to support the hookah community worldwide, and since then, that’s exactly what we’ve been doing.  Our goal is to keep CRAFTSMANSHIP & INNOVATION progressing in the Hookah industry.
Stone Bowls are hand thrown in the USA. We create superior products for the Hookah Enthusiast and Collector.
Our bowls are hand painted and crafted in small batches. Each bowl is considered a work of art and is treated as such throughout the process. Stone Hookah Bowls will exceed your expectations by providing you with a product that truly is the PINNACLE of hookah bowls.

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Stone Grooves

Depending on what type/brand of tobacco you are using the Stone Grooves have two separate functions.
For tobaccos that are drier, they serve as heating coils under the tobacco creating an oven to bake in.
For wet tobaccos, they serve as a glycerin river underneath the tobacco preserving and maximizing flavors.


The StoneFit bowl is made specifically to accommodate heat management devices perfectly.

Stonefit bowl




Imitated not Duplicated

We use our own proprietary blend of clay.  Created after extensive research and development. The result is a clay body that holds heat superior to any other hookah bowl on the market. 

To insure the authenticity of the product Stone Hookah Bowls are hand stamped with our signature diamond.

Artist Collection Bowls are one of kind pieces, designed and hand thrown by Brandon George. Each bowl is stamped with our signature diamond as well as the number 1.

Limited Edition Sets are designed and hand thrown by Brandon George. A limited quantity made and stamped with the number of the bowl in the set and the signature diamond.  The set is then retired to the Stone Hookah vault.

Custom Lounge Sets are designed for lounges who want to provide their customers with a one of a kind luxury experience.  Work alongside Brandon George to create the perfect set that compliments your lounge style and environment.

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